Where are you based?

I'm in Vancouver, Canada.

Do you think we really ever landed on the moon?

Look , we all know deep in our heart of hearts that Stanley Kubrick is responsible....

I get this burning sensation when I pee..?

Heyoooooo someone's been a sinning!

Why are prices in US dollars?

99% of my customers are based in the USA. My prices are in US Dollars to help standardise pricing and keep things consistent as all of my supplies, postage, and online store fees are also in US Dollars.

It's been more than 4 weeks, where is my order?

If it has been more than 4 weeks and your order has not arrived, here are some things you can do to track down your package and save time:

 -Check that you entered the correct address on your order. (If not, don't be shy, get intouch asap and I'll try help you out.)

- Check that your order wasn't accidentally delivered to a neighbour, or collected by someone else at your address (a house-mate or family member may have brought in your mail and forgot to tell you- this happens alot haha)

- Call your local post office to see if there is a package being held for you.

-If your order was placed during a peak busy time (ie Holidays) it may be delayed.

Unfortunately I cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen mail, but if you have done all of the above steps and still haven't located your package, please contact me and I'll do my best to help you out.

Why do orders take so long to ship?

VoidMart is a one woman show. I make, design and print everything in my kitchen. Tees and totes are printed to order and I ship out once a week. 

Shipping prices are stupidly expensive, so I've done my best to compromise between speed Vs. price.

If you'd like express shipping, please get in touch with me and I can provide you with a quote for postage at an additional cost.

I have a snarky opinion or complaint about how you run your business:

Feel free to open your own business and apply your criticisms there, or alternatively scream them into the void. email: Uhuh,uhuh@noreallyI'mlistening,yepsure.com

I have a genuine question or query about a product or purchase:

Please email me and I'll do my best to help :)

Email is the best way to get intouch with me or using the contact form on the info menu above. Please don't use instagram to inquire about orders- it just gets lost in the jumble of memes and nudes and what ever else goes on on there.